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Unbeknownst to itself, even the smallest raindrop can create a lot of waves.
In Loving Memory,http://bit.ly/1eiBJ1I

Unbeknownst to itself, even the smallest raindrop can create a lot of waves.

In Loving Memory,

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The Little Village of Insanity

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Great music for bad people

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When people steal from apple,
they’re thieves.
When Apple steals from people,
it’s a admired business strategy.

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The new Windy CIty love is now available for free download @ http://soundcloud.com/therealbrettstevenson/windy-city-love 


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Your music is Unreal

Thank you :)

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Windy City Love

This is the first song I ever wrote, and since I’m moving to Atlanta this Sunday, this remixed and updated recording is dedicated to and to show my appreciation for, all of the people who have shown so much love and support for my music while I’ve been in Chicago.
Words cannot describe how grateful I am, because they are the ones who have been there from the start, and without them none of this could’ve ever been possible. 


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